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From the not so mean streets of M20, blog about being a dad, Didsbury and dealing with parental confusion

Didsbury Dad’sDiddsbury World

Come into the world of Didsbury Dad. Early 40s, something in the media, but not sure what. Lives with Didsbury Son, Didsbury Wife and the cats (one fat, one thin) who run all the catnip this side of the park.

Didsbury Dad is not quite sure how to match a creative and optimistic view of life with the trials, dilemmas and competitive parenting required by modern society. He is uncomfortable with the pecking order in the school playground but strangely fascinated by mothers who dress up to pick up children from school. His head, heart and verbal communication have had to take different paths as he strives to keep the peace . If there was room for a shed in the back garden, he would be in there writing and interspersing creative genius with Championship Manager, The Simpsons and taking his son to burp on demand. The demands on modern dad can be difficult.

Didsbury Dad lives in the leafy underbelly of suburbia, where the motorways, chains, olde world cheese shops and modern Britain collide, and where you can buy 38 types of coffee, 27 varieties of olive oil but a lightbulb is hard to find.

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