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Midweek Musings: Pass the Portfolio

I have had so many jobs that my portfolio career path is studied by NASA. My business card has a blank line with “Today I am a …..” and explaining to Didsbury Son how working hard at school and gaining qualifications will always set him up falls into two broad categories.
1. Do as I say not as I did.
2. The generic term freelancer is not a business category.

For various reasons yesterday we ended up in a radio station. After I had garbled knowlingly for a bit we ended upwith Didsbury Son sitting on my knee, repeating my phrasing as I moved him back and forward to keep his levels even.

Last time he came to work with me it was for a game of classroom Olympics as I hosted a “master class” and before that it was sitting astride a fibreglass bovine chewing fake grass whilst I pointed a camera at him and talked.

So Didsbury Son knows I talk mainly, sometimes loudly and sometimes in a funny voice. He thinks it’s a doddle and that Meeja Luvvy and Jack o’ all trades are terms of endearment.

Not all bad then and quite handy in a recession

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