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2011. Things I have learned whilst sailing past 39

Things I have learned in 2011, sailing past 39.

1. The more you try to please people the less impact it has. You should only try to please one person at a time and in my world that is Didsbury Wife.

2. The craze of Pokemon will pass. One day you will no longer have to feign Interest in Pikachu and his cohort. (This also applies to those suffering Glee, High School Musical and Transformers).

Didsbury Ultra

3. It has an immediate, more expensive, more consuming replacement. Ours is Star Wars with an accompaniment of eye-watering Lego, books, boxsets and bollxxxx

4. Recession shmession. Double Dip Shmouble Shmip. Riot Shmiot. The teenage fear of 1981, the shredding of live entertainment in 1991. The pre-Commonwealth bonanza of 2001. They make 2011’s financial fiascos a year to chew slowly and not panic. (I also learned that there is no predicitive text replacement for shmiot.)

The laughable coalition just gives you twice the number of Hogwarts Alumni to despise.

5. The 11 plus may have gone but its replacements and the competitive parenting, tutoring, sneaking and angling that goes with it have a Roman Empire scheming feel to them.

6. I like a good blog, tweet, google, stumble and tumble but none of them match a handwritten love note.

7. Having a choice of independent delis and corporate coffee caterers on  your doorstep can be expensive, enlivening and expanding.

Why have a teaspoon at home when you can pay £3 around the corner

8. The constant stream of minor bogus celebrations that school and Hallmark inflict on us throughout the academic year diminish the celebrations you love, as children are constantly over-stimulated.

9. He may think he is “sick” and all grown up, but when Didsbury Son grabs my hand tight as we mooch around, it is still the best feeling around.

10. If I hang around the remnants of the turkey for much longer I will get separation anxiety when I leave the kitchen.

11. New Years’ Eve is a great night to work and a microcosm of the – men love women, women love children, children love animals scenario.
So my idea of the perfect New Years’ Eve will be on hold until at least after the Olympics; but I will be kissing goodbye 2011 and beckoning 2012 in touching distance of Didsbury Wife and Son and definitely in Didsbury.

Happy New Year, more rambling next week for 2012.

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