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The Proud Pirate Dresses for Success

It is dressing up week in our house. Didsbury Wife and I are going to a Toga Party and Didsbury Son is a pirate in the school play.

Last night we showcased our costumes. He looks like Keira Knightly in Pirates of the Caribbean -but pretty. I look good in a Toga. I really do. It’s the way you wear it and the cut of the flow.

I’ve never really liked fancy dress. It seemed to me like an excuse for shy people with limited social skills to party like the rest of the world. NB my theory is that this explains why Heavy Metal fans took ecstasy in the 80s and 90s. It was cheaper than whatever Lager they drank and guaranteed – minimum a hug, potentially from someone who did not smell like, like, well like them.

I did come runner-up in a junior competition as BooBoo with my big brother as Yogi Bear but I always thought it lame.

As an 80s peacock I was permanently dressed up; The Rocky Horror show revival of the 80s should be glossed over but once I realised that at a Vicar and Tarts party. the only dog collar I was meant to wear was unstudded I lost interest and stuck to “Après Ski” or going as a golfer without a stick (or whatever a golf bat is called).

I think a lot of my antipathy is to do with the fact that deep down I love good clothes and admire a well-cut cloth.  Much as I love Hazel Dress, I’m not an Off the peg Jedi Warrior or Fairy. I want to look Jack Sparrow not Captain Pugwash.

Didsbury Son is a different story. The £24 I once spent on his roman legionnaire outfit in year 3 was the best £24 I have ever spent that  was not targeted at football, food or female company. He was Smallius Cuteyus the flying Roman warrior. On Halloween he looked like a skeleton, not a bag of luminous spuds and put Didsbury Son in an Elf outfit and you could convince a 14 year old that a reindeer ate the carrot and it wasn’t me HoHoHoing in red (that’s another story).

So next month he treads the boards as a gorgeous looking pirate to make those preteen head turns and I will be qvelling and cheering the production with the other Didsbury Dads; all convinced our pirate rules the waves – such is the way of the world and the power of youth.


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