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Didsbury Festival Live & Direct from the cake stall

The Parade has passed. They say you never forget your first festival but at 8 months, it may be a festival remembered digitally for the twins. It straggled its way hopefully down Wilmslow Road as though we had been invaded and told only take Boden and White Company with them.

I missed the Belly Dancers this year, Madame Whatever’s hopeful forty something’s usually make the day but this year… We were usurped.

There they were at the front of the parade THE TRIPLETS. Sitting there, cutely looking beautiful whilst all adults eyed looked on in awe at the parents. A running joke with Didsbury Son is to see a single pram, look at each other and mouth “easy”, but triplets, you need faith and more.

The Cat Protection League have won best stall. The cakes are tasty but phenomenally priced and its half an hour to the dog show…

We’ve just been door stepped by Didsbury Arts Festival. If it kicks off I’ll let you know.


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