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Pram Jams in Didsbury Park

I decided to try and blog live from the year’s Didsbury Festival. So far I’ve patted 31 dogs, seen ex friends, hairdressers and made a couple of new ones. I’ve had weak tea, overpriced cake, been a bit sticky and enjoyed the bonhomie.

The problem with blogging live at Didsbury Festival is that its beauty is its repetition. Each year is like the last. The parade is a chance to wave to neighbours, the host in the park is excruciatingly naff, the dog show is fantastic and the best food is home-cooked curry.

The experience adapts to the age of child you are with and the size of crowd is dictated by the weather but it is as much fun each year. I love it. Didsbury Wife and son love it and the twins have had a shoulder high, stranger cuddling, sunscreen of a day.

The pram jam on Gilbrook Road was a lovely way for the Ice Cream van to cover M20’s babies in exhaust fumes but we are back for a change, feed and drink before we head back for round 2



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