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The Holt Pavillion. Didsbury Lounge in the Park

This much I know. Coming out without the changing bag, whatever the shortness of your escapade is tantamount to daring your baby to fill their nappy.

Hence I am sitting in the Holt Pavillion, Didsbury’s newest caffe in the park, with a mug of tea and the pearl-headed girl. Didsbury Wife is stretching nose and tricep popping back to change Mighty-Headed boy who took the challenge and won.

The New Holt Pavillion is lovely but this is no Arabaca threat to the Nero, Costa or the independents in the village. This is a £1 cup of tea in support of an Elderly Community Project. It’s lovely but I am hankering after a flat white. Mmmmmmm overpriced coffee in huge cups.

The sun is still shining, the guy with the microphone is still Stephen Fry without wit; Amongst other oratorical failings and the champion Didsbury Dog is marking its territory.

A good year for the festival, the Didsbury Traders and the groups of polite pre-teenagers lurking aimlessly in the corners of the park.

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