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Mid Festival Makeover

In the beginning there was Vidal Sassoon. He begat Ashley Brown and gave him to Didsbury and in the 80s he did bleacheth and dye my hair to the despair of my own Didsbury Dad.

Ashley Brown met John Yates and thry ploughed the fields with Sid the Barber and Chalky White and it was a prosperous time with less chains in the village and a parity on quirkyness with the then Not BOHo west.

Yeay there were enough Mullets for all to cut until the invasion of the hair cutters . Drawn by the soft water of South Manchester and the prodigious hair growth during Madchester and the 90s, hairdressers and barbers sprouted as regularly as the strands they cut. From Blade to Edward Scissorhands they took their inspiration from films and tax evasion. From Tyson design to Didsbury Barbers they outnumbered banks, Estate Agents, charity shops EVEN Coffee Shops until now there is a sign that leads you into Didsbury from the A34 that reads…
“Welcome to Didsbury: You Don’t Have to Have Hair to Live Here – But it Helps”

All Change: with Didsbury Arts and CavFest on their way M20 is awash with rebuilding. Aldi shuts for 3 days next week to prep its big re-launch. My tip, change the name to “Almost M&S”. Their new slogan “Vorsprung Durch Pricecutting” is almost as familiar as their Norpak butter. Loungers is taking shape. Delia’s is still waiting to sell its first Bathbomb and Cibo was just the Trojan Horse – we’ve gone tapas crazy.
You can get Nepalese Tapas on Burton Road and as we bid farewell to Turkish/Istanbul/why did you turn the best takeaway in the village into a huge overpriced, unused restaurant Grill – we are about to sample Nido, Spanish & Mexican Tapas.
If the Mud Crab disappointment is an indicator of how not to do fusion we are not in for a treat and I’m heading to The Alpine Cafe in Fletcher Moss for a decent tea and cake.

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