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In praise of the pre-teen: 5 things I appreciate about my eldest son

Five things that I love about nearly teenagers.

The cute, wobbling toddling is source of joy, mostly. Didsbury Son’s ascent to indifferent adolescence continues in a fairly pleasant way. The blend of nappy and nascent narky is a heady combination and sometimes the constant need for attention all around can be difficult to fulfil.

Teens tend to get a bad press and comparisons are wrong. BUT Five good reasons a teeny teen is a source of easy living:

1. On waking up at 4am Didsbury Son will not cry to be picked up, greet me with a smack over the head with a toy, nor will he refuse to settle unless I rock him, singing 80s ballards.

2. If he drops his breakfast on the floor he doesn’t throw the bowl and cup after it just to be sure.

3. No matter how stressful school was, regardless of which school pecking order he was in or out of – Didsbury Son will not march around the living room pulling everything off every shelf shouting “Shoes” at the top of his voice; well not for ages.

4. Possibly the most important – he understands that, although I love him more than really good fried chicken (and I mean, really good) – when The World Cup is on it is his opportunity for “me” time.

5. And most importantly – if you ask him nicely and remind him not to rush it, he makes a lovely cup of tea.

On the down side, I can no longer solve any problem he has by putting pants on my head, picking him up and tipping him upside down whilst blowing a raspberry on his tummy.
C’est la Vie.

(Shhh No. 6 – once old enough they go on trips)

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