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Last of the Live Blogs – Didsbury Festival 5

Last of the Live Blogs

Well that’s the festival done. Not the busiest ever due to the weather, but no less for that. An unexpected bonus was lovely food at knock down prices from 3.30 – so swings and roundabouts.

The live blogging was slightly hampered by first one, then both of the twins succumbing to a bug that would have kept Benny Hill in sound effects for a decade. But then that is what this blog is really about. However, or whoever I was and whatever I did now come second to the needs of my lovely trio. It’s all consuming and is always the priority.

Back to the festival. As far as I could tell… A cat failed to win the dog show, the climbing wall was rained off, Burnage won something sporting and the Didsbury Blues brought the Premier League Trophy.

The fair was great, the kebabs were tasty, the band were superb and I had a great time talking to old friends.

As part of this weekend of community service, FOR YOU. Didsbury Wife and I tried Mojitos throughout the village before coming home to make our own. These were the best.

Thank you for your comments and support this weekend. We have now scraped the top layer of mud from the toddlers. Tomorrow will entail washing a pile of mud splattered clothes that make the floor look like the dressing room at a Rugby League match. The £3 balloons popped.



Live Blog 4: Rained but not ruined

The last hour. 10p cakes, the best chicken kebab in Manchester half price and enough puddles to entertain a toddler for days. The park looks like a 70s football pitch and Didsbury Son is going to topple over if he gets any more nonchalant; success all around.

The best line Overheard – You are not having an ice cream, it will ruin your face make-up.

Most interesting pricing – £3 for a balloon, I got stiffed for 2.

£3 for a balloon – Disney take note.

Elbow warm up

A conflict kebab, but gorgeous


Oy parky

Didsbury Festival live 3?- Home Alone

I can hear the thump of the bass and the sound of people ranging from shouty toddlers to refined matrons. The rain has eased and the party goes on, but I am in bed with the Mighty-Headed Boy for his afternoon nap.

This bizarre phenomena where small children don’t behave to order or timetable is bafflingly predictable. My Little Princess has not had the opportunity for a sugar rush as her Exorcist style emissions have abated, but the look on her face is one of wanting a quiet place to stare. Or is that me?

Trying to get Mr. Head down for his nap has involved a combination of Alligator a whispering, Greased Pig Wrestling and the promise of more sweets.

Which means Didsbury Son is probably having the time of his life – unshackled.

Nappies permitting we will be back in the park in 30-40

Didsbury Festival 2: I love The Rain

” Between lightening and thunder three seconds the gap, A warm candle glow keeps this wood room from black…
As the rain pours down in the yard. Rain, a most haunting sound”
Martin Stephenson – Rain
And a disappointing soundtrack to the Glastonbury of the North, fast becoming the Henley’s Regatta of the North-West.
Are we daunted? Is the spirit of D Day spilling into Saturday? In parts.
The scouts climbing wall is now a wet n wild Alton Towersesque ride, the smell of the great food is now mixed with that of wet dog and the shops in the village, with their roofs and all are packed but the spirit lives on.

Don’t forget the “Spot the Weekend Tram” competition. Winner bags a Unicorn.

As Ian Astbury told us, “I love the rain. Here it comes again. I love the raaaaaaaaiiiiiiin”.

Rain – Martin Stephenson and the Daintees

Rain – The Cult

Didsbury Festival live blog. 1

Plans, plans, plans. It’s. 30 minutes to the procession and the balloons are up. The final touches are being put to teeny costumes which will be ruined by 11.15 and Disney’s spies are in place to see what can be stolen for next year ‘s Paris and Orlando parks.

A quick thanks to the organisers. In a pre Didsbury Dad life I organised these events in City centres and the paperwork is a crushing Origami Heaven.

Didsbury Son is already park bound to be part of his community, Pearly Princess is emitting from both ends simultaneously, which is interesting and The Mighty Headed Boy is demanding the sixth reading of Farm Babies Lamb. It’s party time Didsbury


Walt, Mickey. Regardez et Ecoute

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