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Didsbury by the Sea

Didsbury Son, Didsbury Wife, the pearly topped Princess and Mighty-Headed boy and I are on holiday. I keep thinking of blogs to write; but so far the copies of Viz and When Saturday Comes remain untouched and free time, nah. It’s frantic and 93 Degrees.

So many things I have learned:
1. Even if you pay for seats on a plane, you essentially walk to America with toddlers.
2. People generally are intolerant of toddlers on flights. People generally can go F themselves; my little princess said “Hiyo” in loud Mancunian to every single one of them.
3. An on the cusp teenager takes more careful handling than a live lobster and. Swings through a behavioural range that is stunning.
4. We are generally thinner than the Americans, quieter, more polite and understand when we are not wanted at their family tables.
5. If big cars say small things about men this is a nation in crisis.
6. We have met Homer, Cleveland, Hank and found out that south of Orlando you need to speak Spanish. I am virtually an honorary Honduran and Nicaraguan, the international language of soccer (Sic) is powerful.
7. It’s not just their asses, apparently their lightning is bigger then ours.
8. We genuinely got asked if we know Jane Platt… From London.
9. The twins are water babies.
10. Didsbury Son ‘s skills learned at scouts far exceed my expectations.
11. I really miss the coffee in Didsbury, not had a decent one yet.

Say hi to Jane Platt, back soon.



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