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Middle of the Night – Goat or Sheep?

4am moments. They come to us all. From the best bit of the night out, to the brilliant idea to find that bottle of absinthe – through angst, worry, real loss, night feeds and stomach ache – back to a busy head and the Numskulls working a night shift (see The Beano, I always loved the idea of The Numskulls).

Daddom brings the noise of restless offspring mid bad dream or a cat noisily dragging tonight’s gift through the flap, but mainly it’s those little fellas cycling around your mind prodding you into the thoughts best left until daylight.

If my mind was this active at work I probably wouldn’t have these moments anyway.

So to the nub. The point of this self-indulgent little musing. My 4am dilemma. Can I get the alarm off, toaster on and fridge open without disturbing any children to eschew angst and have a bit of me time on the couch?

We have cheese from the Hamlet.

A selfie

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