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Didsbury Festival Live Blog 8am

Wanda and the Alien jogs along happily in the background. Didsbury Son, typical. He was a beaver in the parade last week – all squeaky voiced giggles and clammy squeezes and now he is an explorer pushing baby beavers up a climbing wall in the park.

The no-longer-Boddlers are unaware that today is Glastonbury, Bestival and Lattitude rolled into one with everyone they know from nursery. In fact it’s a bit like the hose dreams you have when everyone’s you went to school with is in the future yer at Fawlty Towers and John Cleese has morphed into the lovely Eddie from Evans Fishmongers; just me?

It’s overcast. The bunting is up, the clouds are down and they haven’t started testing the loudspeaker yet.

The Stone Roses have cancelled but the dog with the waggiest tail competition goes ahead as planned and talk of a duel between Brimelow and Wadden for who is the most purple estate agent linger.

Time for a cup of tea before Wanda finishes.

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