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The Soundtrack to my journeys

Taking a pre-teen to school swings between being lost in the poorly enunciated and grammatically suspect Capital FM breakfast show on an up day and spending half an hour listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds without vocals on others. I heard the pin drop, it gave up.

On the other hand driving The Mighty Headed Boy and The Pearly Princess home from childminder’s a few miles away combines bedlam with the need to be able to sing nursery rhymes, distribute jelly babies and swivel like an owl auditioning for The Exorcist.

Didsbury Wife has perfected the art of being silent until the moment the scores are updated on 5Live, which leads us back down the path to Smooth FM – where Didsbury Son dons headphones, sighing with disappointment at Now That’s What I Call Old People Music and the boddlers return to staring out of the window shouting as if they had been weaned on White Lightning.

It’s time for a singalong.

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