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Lest We Forget – Those who came and those who left us in Didsbury 2012

Inevitably, indulgently, insignificantly, in anticipation the end of the year always adds a little maudlin touch to thoughts and you remember those who have departed before the year ends. This has been a big year for Didsbury. The hulk that was Pizza Hut transformed slowly. There were rumours of Waitrose, fears of another coffee chain and a bid for the village’s 500th hairdressers. We got Holland and Barratt.
A sweet shop has opened in Foster’s chippy, Gourmet Burger King proudly welcomed over 50 diners this year and Domino’s showed that to be successful the obvious can sometimes outweigh the clever and the village rolled on, not too posh to pizza.

Remember the Lillies - they cried when Felcini's closed

Remember the Lillies – they cried when Felcini’s closed

The Croatian Deli – green and central has expanded into a quasi resturant with London style and pricing and lovely staff and they stand like an island between the red Costa and the Blue Nero. The Art of Tea offers free wi-fi and the best toast in the village BUT… you can’t get a double buggy in there and I have had to find a new office. Didsbury Son left Didsbury Schooling which lowered my threshold for the baying, 4 x 4, badly parking, agressive and competitive mothers who think that schooling their progeny gives them a free pass in life and finally Didsbury Life gets quicker to read, less relevant and more like an Argos catalogue each month.

Bless The Reporter, The Airy Fairy Cake Company, Dids

More than just a snappy logo, The Didsbury Village Farm Shop knows the value of a good sausage roll

More than just a snappy logo, The Didsbury Village Farm Shop knows the value of a good sausage roll

bury Village Farm Shop and the cornerstones of civilisation – The Cheese Hamlet, Evans and our Co-Op. A Co-Op shadowed by M&S, Tesco and bespoke foodshops but still holding its own with queues reminiscent of a Greggs near an office block. Bless also our great parks, Fletcher Moss, The Didsbury and most of the staff in the Post Office.

2012 has been the year when School Lane has bred hairdressers and barbers. West Didsbury has opened niche and quirky shops and bars with one word titles and uncomfy seating to go with the innovative produce and no-one, not even at home, asked me to turn on the Christmas Lights. It has been a good year. Didsbury Festival, Didsbury Arts Festival and WestFest hit the spot and every shop in Lapwing Lane got chairs to welcome Metrolink commuters.


But into every sunshine a little rain may fall. In 2012 we said goodbye to ome much loved Didsbury residents.

1. Linen – farewell to the Pixie like talents that dressed our children with aspiration and gave a credible last minute present not from a Newsagents

2. Rumpus is Dead. Long Live The Giddy Goat. It has been all change on Albert Hill Street but The Giddy Goat has gladdened our hearts and sadly brought Lego Star Wars to the centre of the village. One day it may replace Razma Reads.

3. La Tasca – the Spanish debt crisis reached Didsbury and the home of so many celebrations is now a Marie Celsteesque shell on the edge of the village.

and finally, with apologies to those not mentioned, farewell Felicini’s – much loved, much attended and much missed. If I want muddy crabs and battleship grey I will go to the seaside. I have tried to love the new Felicini’s Australian Inspired, New York Themed Didsbury based fusion but sadly not. Arrivederci old friend.

This used to be Felcini's

This used to be Felcini’s

February is the shortest month, and other platitudes.

Apologies for the Didsbury Dad hiatus. It’s been a full-on month. My original plan was keep quiet and grow a beard until another independent fairy cake or organic toy shop opened in Didsbury. The karma of the village has been upset by Tesco Express and Domino’s opening within a week of each other; but Movember took its toll on me. So I thought I would wait until I had a meeting big enough to sit back and tap away. Thank you to organisational development meeting for a year-long event strategy spoken in a dialogue and language with which I am not au fait. Time for Didsbury Dad.

The small cat tries to avoid a hungry looking fat cat

Didsbury Thin Cat Hides from a Didsbury Fat Cat short on biscuits

Tesco Express is lovely. They can’t be that busy because it is the only supermarket I have ever been in where every member of staff welcomes you and nudges you down the aisles with a “please but something, I need this job” look. It’s like taking a dog to the front door on a windy day.
It’s been a fraught month and I have learned a lot BUT my dream of a shed with 5 Live piped in and a lock on the door is still a dream, I still have no idea who anybody is on Star Wars episodes 1-3 and my list of things to give up for lent was so long I decided to give up lists and appropriating other religions’ ideas.
So here is my list of February things I have learned as I sailed past 39 1/2.
1. Success on Valentine’s day depends not on the poem, card, thought, flowers or inappropriate intentions gracefully cloaked. It depends on Didsbury Son and he didn’t let me down. After a little cajoling but no bribery at all he produced a handwritten, self-designed, heart-cut-out-of-the-middle card that melted Didsbury Wife’s heart more than a spring clean and trolley dash around John Lewis could ever do. Thank You Didsbury Son.
2. There is no need for a creme egg to buy privacy if you have an iPod and headphones.
3. The first morning you wake up Didsbury Son for school and do not have to lie that the sun is rising is already is a great day. Yesterday we almost heard birdsong over the top of the Metrolink construction.
4. It’s a myth that cats are not greedy. Didsbury Fat Cat’s winter coat is threatening to make widening the cat flap a spring must. He squeezes through with a Pilsbury Pop and sits like Diego Maradona on a chat show.
5. Red Roses on February 15th may be only 50p each on Tesco Express but are still not a good idea.
6. I was talking to a group of 20/21 year old young filmmakers about ideas. When I was informed that they would need an actor in their early 40s, you know, middle-aged. I was the only one who gasped, then winced. My disappointment was more revealing than a dad dance and sneaking away to play The Smiths made it worse.

7. Having Nero, Costa, Rouge, Subway and several independents within 100 years does not equal cheap coffee. My dream of a price war and getting out of Nero with change from a tenner is slipping away. Although my idea for a Westside Story style dance off up Wilmslow Road between the prams in Nero and Costa’s Buggy posse still has legs and could work for the Didsbury Festival.

8. Boyle’s First Law of parenting points out that when there is live football on terrestrial television it will inevitably coincide with child sickness, parents’ evening or the cat bringing in something rodent and wriggly to share with the family.

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