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View from the Car Park

I am sitting in a rapidly cooling car, backed by a couple of rapidly snoring toddlers. I am watching a sun so weak the Spartans would have given it a comfy bed dissolve into its December malaise. I am staring at B&Q in Stanley Green and Costa is too far away to leave the twins and snaffle a Gluten-free Mince Pie. I spend a sizeable number of weekends here. 

The combination of TK Maxx and Next virtually within sight of John Lewis is a siren call to South Manchester and North Cheshire. The car park houses a considerable number of men trying not to wake sleeping babies, boddlers and toddlers whilst cranking up BBC 5Live just loud enough to hear the minutiae of what is happening at Orient and St. Johnstone. 

 1970s Mobile DAB Unit 

There is a strange synergy for me. I have always loved radio and the Saturday afternoon football commentary dirge. From being small, in pre instant media, pre digital, pre Channel 4 and Orangina in the shops days I would spend Saturday afternoons away from the other Didsbury grandchildren. The melee of Saturday afternoon visiting and free sweets dismissed to clamber into our tank. I listened to the football, writing every score as it came in from place names that to 70s me seemed the epitome of exotic; aah Hull you romantic fool – beckon me with constant dampness and average football. I would hang on the florid descriptions of Peter Jones, Larry Canning and the now disgraced, then disgraceful Stuart Hall.  

 Peter Jones. A genius. 

As an early adopter of OCD fan support, sitting in cars and learning how to wait patiently, these 70s Saturdays parked outside my Grandparents were a great training for fatherhood.

The lack of stranger danger and freedom to spend 3 hours in a car on my own aged 6 seem as alien now as my bonfire night memory of entertaining uncle using a lit cigarette to light the fireworks.  

 We are inside waiting for TK Maxx to open 

But I do have good handwriting and can spell Molyneux. 

Coming Up: From Sew-In to Body Bar, From Gold Beach Holidays to closed and is there a non purple Estate Agent? It’s December in Didsbury

A quick thought about sayings…

My own Didsbury Mum is a twin. Her Didsbury Dad was a great man of fantastic statements from a black and white world. His assertions, even into the early 90s of the century his life nearly spanned that “if the world was round and spinning we would all fall off.” “Black coffee, look at it. It’ll kill you.” “Feel that tree, that’s where you get your power from.” And “Life’s hard but it’s better than the alternative” we’re legend in our family. He was a tree hugging, barely-drinking, vegetarian way ahead of his time. Now, one of his sayings keeps coming back to me.

The Mighty-Headed Boy  and his Didsbury Dad contemplate The Ancient Mariner and Timmy Time

The Mighty-Headed Boy and his Didsbury Dad contemplate The Ancient Mariner and Timmy Time

“Twins, it’s wonderful but can you have them one at a time?” I liked this for its lack of knee-jerk laziness. We are still deluged with “double trouble” and “You’ve got your hands full” from personal-space invading strangers in the street. But Didsbury Great Grandpa hit the joy and the issue on the head.

Each twin is individually gorgeous, different in personality and a person in their own right. However, imagining the Mighty-Head Boy without his Pearl-shaped sister is already unimaginable. When they sit there holding hands in their cot, Didsbury baby girl looks on him with such kindness and love that having them separately would be to spoil the hundred moments everyday that we couldn’t get from a single baby experience. They also compensate for the double pain, double expense and half sleep that twins bring with them.

Courtesy of www.thatcutesite,com  Go on then - walk up to the mother and say "Double Trouble"

Courtesy of http://www.thatcutesite,com Go on then – walk up to the mother and say “Double Trouble”

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