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A fleeting moment of perfection

There are moments of perfect happiness and pure sadness that you go through as life progresses. Sometimes, lying next to one of the twins on the premise of getting them to sleep you get the first. Let’s not dwell on the latter.
They don’t need a body with them as much as they get one – bedtime with boddlers is sometimes more my treat, than duty.
I have had sport-induced moments of ecstasy in various European cities. I have been able to share and to sometimes produce events where collective abandon has positively swept the room, venue, square.
I have sipped Mojitos on Ocean Drive and been lucky enough to have eaten fried chicken in the Caribbean and to have been on stage in Las Vegas BUT…

Only the fried chicken came anywhere near the moment tonight when my pearly-topped princess pulled my arm around her, snuggled in, sighed and went to sleep; just perfect.
Although to be honest Vegas was more fun and less tiring.


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