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More Metrolink Musings,more hairdressers

If you build it they will come. They being Toni & Guy.

Just when you thought that the saturation levels of hairdressers in Didsbury had reached a level where only a convention for the Hirsuite could service this scissor-wielding infestation, it becomes a possibility.

Manchester has a Northern Quarter, a Gay Village, Chinatown, The Linen Quarter (it’s real) and The Curry Mile. Manchester City have disappeared so far up their own fundament that they call their football ground Metrolink stop “The Etihad Campus” (they offer a range of courses including entry level practical courses such as finding the meat in the hotdog, to advanced choreography with your back to the pitch). We have a re-invention of Ancoats as New Islington so why can’t Didsbury be The Snipping Quarter. We missed out on the large Hadron Collider (see last year’s blogs) but we have everything you need culturally (including Subway) to be a hairdressing tourist destination local.

It began as a tiny vision

It began as a tiny vision

IMG_1036.JPG (2)D

untilour village centre was full of Hi-Vis jacckets - bring it on

until our village centre was full of Hi-Vis jackets – bring it on

Didsbury has its own cultural season starting with Didsbury Festival and ending in West Fest. We have the al fresco cafe experience coming to Didsbury Park and nightly on the pavement next to The Nelson. Chains and indies welcome you to eat and drink away and we have our own university, twins club, sporting facilities and massage parlour. This is before the opportunity of a casino night out, the echo of the empty Gourmet Burger King or the chance to park your Gondola outside Cibo and enjoy a Venetian experience.  e also have Wilkinson’s – the original mode forMr Benn’s shop and Pete’s Pockets. If you break it they will fix.
We need this. There is an empty shop on School Lane where Nest moved to the village. Sweaty Betty’s chippy shop (RIP) on Barlow Moor Road will one day be refurbed which means at least two more hairdressers in Didsbury. If Toni & Guy or John and Yates ever fall out there could be more hairdressers. By 2016 we could have a hairdresser on every street corner from Parrs Wood to Burton Road.

We will need metros full of hairy tourists to fill their faux leather chairs and keep the small talk going.
10 years ago banks and estate agents ruled the roost, then came the charity shops but now we are the snipping quarter – this is no place for the bald.

He is only 7 months old and already has hairdressers stopping him in the streets

He is only 7 months old and already has hairdressers stopping him in the streets

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