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Marriage – open to all. A future history lesson

When I was a young Didsbury Son my Didsbury Dad told me about the 1948 Olympics in London, rationing, how teachers would beat children and the terror and fun of the war for a child. His big night out as a 5 year old was hanging out with his friend’s dad who was an ARP warden, before heading home for a finger of peanut butter. They could then listen to the radio to see who wanted to kill them next.

It seemed to me ancient and archaic; a black and white baggy shorted world with no sweets, no Starsky and Hutch and no toilet; the dark ages.

I wonder what current soul-searching dilemmas Didsbury Son will be beaming onto the next generation to be born. I think that when he tells them there was outrage in 2013 amongst a certain (now extinct) strata of society about gay marriage they will laugh at how we lived in such bizarre and unenlightened times; it must have been the petrol engines and the high fat snacks we all used to consume. It will seem bizarre to them that we discriminated against people on the grounds of sexuality when there are so many more interesting obvious ways to segregate – starting with people who rustle sweet wrappers and text in cinemas. There is no exclusion too harsh for “those” types. Although one of my best friends went out with someone who talked and chewed loudly during films. (Not really)

Then Didsbury Son’s Didsbury Progeny will ask if Red Dwarf was a documentary and if People were really that stupid. I, Didsbury Grandad will summon up the virtual Cheese Hamlet and sneak a quick Emmental fix before the evening cryogenics kick in and they put The Smiths chip in my head to give me something to hum along to before their next ancient history class.

They will take a comic look at the credit crunch and how in 2018 payday loan gurus Wonga got the deal to sponsor the red case used by the chancellor on budget day.

The world moves on and hopefully prejudices and judgemental legislation targeting people getting on with their lives will slowly fade. Sadly as likely overall as Didsbury Son remembering which week is the black bin and which week is the green.


New legislation aimed at ending years of prejudice between shrubs and trees is being considered

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