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People Don’t Always Say The Funniest Things

This Week’s stranger comment count. A quick midweek blog.

Pushing baby twins attracts lots of looks and comments. This is mainly lovely. A trip around a department store when there is a higher than average percentage of grandmothers can take an extra forty five minutes. As I march the parks and pavements of Didsbury pushing a double buggy and trying to work off the baby weight I gained cooking for Didsbury Wife it is fascinating to see people glance nervously and smile to themselves, even when I haven’t dressed them ( I keep getting the blue and pink mixed up and if I can’t find a hat I know, as all dads do – that a spare pair of trousers makes an excellent headcover.). I have always done this with dogs when out and about with Didsbury Son and it is great to inadvertently spread a little happiness.

You do tend to get certain stock phrases repeated over and over. This week’s favourites.

Double Trouble” 109 times. Ha ha. This is hilarious and any twin parent will be laughing however times people you have never met say this knowingly into your pram. I always wonder if an answer other than a pointless wan smile is expected. Should I tell them they are right, the experiment has not worked and we are trying to decide whether to keep them both or concentrate on the one who sleeps better?

You’ve got your Hands Full”  – not so full I can’t make hand gestures 17

Double Joy” (we like these) 32. The demographic breakdown is primarily middle-aged people with an equal gender split.

I didn’t know you had it in you” 10 Technically, this makes no sense. I always want to ask “Why?” but Didsbury Wife winds in my neck and squeezes my hand in the most powerful of controlled gestures.

You’ve made my day” (these are really nice) 8

Are they identical?” “It’s a boy and a girl” “Yes I can see that. But are they identical?” 3

Only the mighty Ewan thee Sheep can say what he wants… he is the king of the cot

My weekly favourite was the man in John Lewis on Saturday morning. He was walking around the crockery bit (man hell) with daughter and granddaughter when he clocked me, Chairman Mao and Catherine the Great. He came over and clapped me on the back; brought the rest of his family to have a look whilst smiling at me as though I had added 10% extra to the sale discounts. He looked genuinely made up before telling other strangers how great it was to see lovely twins. He went off laughing and chatting and I felt a warmth I usually only experience when a feed reappears down my shirt.

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