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Ironing out that kink in your shoulder

When 20 years of Didsbury’s finest fly posting site was removed from the space that had once been Sweaty Betty’s Chippy on Barlowmoor Road it was a happy day. Since giving up my brush and bucket in the 90s I’ve always been a little envious of good fly posting.    Global News – likely to re-open soon? The adverts in the window for 2010 World Cup say not.
Didsbury’s First Day Spa was the promise. A promise as likely as Global News’ “refit” working well with the same staff. Finally, somewhere other than all the other places already pampering, pummelling and powdering the tired joints, cellulite-riven hips and Yucon oil powered calves of M20.  

  Didsbury’s First Day Spa

But No. The external refit and many rolls of insulation were all we got. As soon as the timeshare offer went in the window, the smell of desperation, masked the potential snort of Lavender and Sandalwood. 

Beauty Parlours often suffer from similar name issues to hairdressers. I love Evie’s Retreat on Lapwing Lane, but often wondered if it was a euphemism. No one has brought my self-employed January offer, “Wax, relax, don’t worry about your tax”, but in secret, Didsbury is becoming a beacon for treatments where a happy ending means you’ve had good therapy and the treatment has done its job. 

Our G4 and Billie’s fabulous Didsbury Village Physio are warriors in the fight against creaking and having kept my clicking knees straightened. 

From My Wellbeing Place’s Indonesian-trained treatments at The Waterside Hotel (still The Galleon if you’re over 39 and a lot) to Blade’s post wet shave shoulder rub via a Healthy Spirit holistic hoedown thee is plenty to go at. I’m going to take one for the team, and try out some Didsbury Treatments so you know where to go. 

I may set up a JustGiving page to help me. Didsburydadneedsaliedownwithwarmstones.com/just give. Although the failure of Couldsomeonegetmilkfortbetwins-Icantbearsed/JustGiving to pull in anything doesn’t bode well.

I’ll let you know next week. Right now I’m going to positively envisage Cafe Rouge re-opening and Waitrose taking over Global News.  

  If Waitrose don’t respond to this plea from the boddlers I’m stumped.

Charles Darwin, Giddy Goats and The Bisou Conspiracy

The fashion for hipster beards and the move towards e-cigarettes has given the Metrolink station a specific retro look. The gauche style of inhaling the e-cig as though it were a pipe has given the ramp to the ticket machine the look of a WG Grace / Charles Darwin look-a-like competition.   
Victorian favourites the peacocks plan to ride in on the wave of the summer retro look. 

I don’t understand e-cigs. I used to smoke many years ago, pre-Didsbury Dad days when a) I could afford it and b) you didn’t have to stand outside like a plane spotter at the airport. There seems no pleasure to e-cigs. With nicotine patches you could forget you were wearing them and “accidentally” have a smoke to get a genuinely scary hit. Nicotine gum gives you something to do with your teeth other than bite your nails and going cold turkey makes you look dangerous, which can be useful in a crowd.

I never take being an “ex” for granted; but know that there is more chance of Cibo and Nido returning to Didsbury and becoming successful chains than there is of me buying flavoured vapours to inhale.

Anyway, whilst I’ve been off there have been many changes in Didsbury’s retail look that need attention.

1. Zizzi, gone? This faux Pizza Express and its signage have disappeared from the building that sits in a prime location on the corner of Wilmslow and Barlow Moor Road, but has floundered since it was the Old Grey Horse in the 80s/90s and shows no sign of gaining popularity. Would make a great 3-floor Bisou Bisou Bisou. Sneaking around Didsbury with a turquoise box full of French patisserie has become our naughty little habit. 

2. Didsbury’s first day spa has ground to a halt. On the site of the legendary (to the 40 and overs) Sweaty Betty’s Chippy, the insulation sits in the window like lost bales of hay and the window display has changed from advertising for staff to offering time shares. 

Didsbury’s next charity shop?

3. The Dog Grooming shop, In The Dog House on Barlow Moor Road is still open, defying the “How Long will it last” sweepstake kit in the South Manchester Reporter. Not sure if it’s the drop-off proximity to Albert’s Shed or the sudden influx of Pugs and Daschunds to Didsbury’s parks but well done – it’s cool as fox merchandise and breezy demeanour are superb and I’ll be in for a wet shave on Blade’s day off. 

4. The laser clinics are here, Cafe Rouge still stands like a ghost ship and we still haven’t got a Waitrose. There’s a great new clothes shop on School Lane and the Fish Masala at Sangam 2 is worth the view into the Karma Sutra. 
I had the perfect Didsbury conversation in Giddy Goat Toys a couple of weeks ago. I was having a natter with Mrs Goat when Jed the Windowcleaner, complete with Manchester City sweatshirt breezed in. Our three-way conversation moved seamlessly from childcare, the weather and Bisou Bisou, to children and the angst and stress caused by them being led astray in their choice of football team. Mid myopic drone all three of us turned to the patient and brave mother at the till buying her 4 children presents with a hearty “Eid Mubarak” before settling back to judgemental football chat. Anyone who takes more than one non-sleeping child into a toy shop deserves respect. 

  Rumour has it that Zizzi shut after failing to win planning permission for this extension.

Next week – the perils of poverty discussed through the prism of the Bloke selling Sticky Toffee Pudding in too pushy a manner outside The Cheese Hamlet last Saturday. 

More Metrolink Musings,more hairdressers

If you build it they will come. They being Toni & Guy.

Just when you thought that the saturation levels of hairdressers in Didsbury had reached a level where only a convention for the Hirsuite could service this scissor-wielding infestation, it becomes a possibility.

Manchester has a Northern Quarter, a Gay Village, Chinatown, The Linen Quarter (it’s real) and The Curry Mile. Manchester City have disappeared so far up their own fundament that they call their football ground Metrolink stop “The Etihad Campus” (they offer a range of courses including entry level practical courses such as finding the meat in the hotdog, to advanced choreography with your back to the pitch). We have a re-invention of Ancoats as New Islington so why can’t Didsbury be The Snipping Quarter. We missed out on the large Hadron Collider (see last year’s blogs) but we have everything you need culturally (including Subway) to be a hairdressing tourist destination local.

It began as a tiny vision

It began as a tiny vision

IMG_1036.JPG (2)D

untilour village centre was full of Hi-Vis jacckets - bring it on

until our village centre was full of Hi-Vis jackets – bring it on

Didsbury has its own cultural season starting with Didsbury Festival and ending in West Fest. We have the al fresco cafe experience coming to Didsbury Park and nightly on the pavement next to The Nelson. Chains and indies welcome you to eat and drink away and we have our own university, twins club, sporting facilities and massage parlour. This is before the opportunity of a casino night out, the echo of the empty Gourmet Burger King or the chance to park your Gondola outside Cibo and enjoy a Venetian experience.  e also have Wilkinson’s – the original mode forMr Benn’s shop and Pete’s Pockets. If you break it they will fix.
We need this. There is an empty shop on School Lane where Nest moved to the village. Sweaty Betty’s chippy shop (RIP) on Barlow Moor Road will one day be refurbed which means at least two more hairdressers in Didsbury. If Toni & Guy or John and Yates ever fall out there could be more hairdressers. By 2016 we could have a hairdresser on every street corner from Parrs Wood to Burton Road.

We will need metros full of hairy tourists to fill their faux leather chairs and keep the small talk going.
10 years ago banks and estate agents ruled the roost, then came the charity shops but now we are the snipping quarter – this is no place for the bald.

He is only 7 months old and already has hairdressers stopping him in the streets

He is only 7 months old and already has hairdressers stopping him in the streets

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