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A Mellow Muse and A Sweet Tooth

Sometimes the simplest gestures, the easiest of things and the smallest of treats mean the most. I was not thinking about those moments when the titles to Frozen come on screen and the boddlers whoop and cheer before settling down to glaze over with a bowl of soma for company. I hadn’t even considered that moment, that beautiful rare moment when you realise that you have woken up naturally ; that there is rare calm and you have time to check in and work out which joints are creaking most before the first “Mummy, Daddy – Milk” pierces the calm and sends the cats hurtling for shelter from pointy 22 month old fingers.

No, I am talking about the pleasure of a weekly ritual. In any maelstrom you must find a sliver of calmness. For some it is a pub visit, a meditation, a pork pie and snooze in Tesco Car park. Others fail to find it and trouble ensues. Somehow, without you realising it, a wheel will come off somewhere, it’s almost a law of physics.

I have my Weekly ritual. On Saturday mornings I have an hour to myself at the gym. Whilst the workout , the swim, the slope to the sofas to read the papers and the shower without company ( insert own joke) are all needed and enjoyed it is none if them.

My greatest joy is getting to the gym car park, unwrapping a Blackcurrant Fox’s Glacier Fruit and enjoying it slowly whilst reading the Sky Sports News App. It’s cheap, easy and three minutes of sugary indulgence that leaves a happy taste in the mouth and stops the world long enough to enjoy a solo moment away from Daddom .

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