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Zombies in the heart of Didsbury

The Returned. Spooky French series where the town’s dead return (hence the title), unaware they are dead . Lots of moody French people standing around smoking shruggily. Not like the beautiful people sitting outside Shed D’Albert, but gallically challenged.

Yesterday lunchtime, I was driving distractedly through The Village, when, as though it were a scene straight from Dawn of the Didsbury – I saw a small woman in a t-shirt and jeans. She looked human and real down to the last detail, but for one tiny flaw.
I saw her outside the open doors of Gourmet Burger Kitchen, which was open. How? Was it Didsbury Open Gardens? Was this a chance for a final stroll of the last great empty indoor space in the region? Would Zombie Burger Kitchen be taking over and eating our many barbers and Estate Agents?
GBK died in the great pandemic that also took Nido. A virus that infected restauranters into thinking they could make a buck in Didsbury with any old crap.
What next? Razma Reads re-appearing with living dead and political biographies only. Domino’s serving food so processed it has a half-life? Aldi doubling as a bus garage?
These are strange times. The addition of Wine & Whallop from the team that brought you Folk and South Park series 8 looks promising. The French Patisserie that has taken over Ashley Brown can have its own blog and Giddy Goat Toys will soon see off Toys R Us. But…

Casa Tapas has either turned into a closed film set or followed Spain out of the World Cup and news reaches DD HQ that Cafe Rouge is going. This is a public disaster. Rouge is more influential in Didsbury Child Rearing than Gina Ford and Aptimil. It has hosted more dates than an Algerian port and deserves listed status, not the chop. Over 20 years the staff have been unfailingly helpful and the food great. I will be signing the petition and march for them before popping down to the Shaun of the Dead Burger Kitchen.

A Zombie’s brain pattern



Extra security has been drafted in , so have dormitories

Solitude, a fleeting desire

All three Didsbury Babies are back safe with a heroic and tired Didsbury Wife.

I had to cut short a family holiday to work at whatever it is I do for a few days, just as the Premier League season started. This devastating blow and awful timing meant I had to leave our holiday accomodation. A diminutive stable where crying babies echo and there is no downstairs. With only peace, quiet and four live matches over 3 days to comfort me it was hell. Quiet, uninterrupted, hot cup of tea, asleep at 3, 4, 5 and 6am hell. I saw things I had not seen for months – the whole of the floor, a TV programme that was not Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother.
This terrible, serene, uncluttered few days with just the drone of 5Live for early morning company and good coffee on the go got so bad I read a whole newspaper and went to the gym (not just the car park for 10 minutes sleep).

So thank The Lord they are back. My pearl-headed baby girl blessed me by screaming just as tonight’s football reached a climax. The Mighty-Headed boy swivelled like Torvill or Dean through a nappy change to the extent that I could feel beads of sweat on my temples and Didsbury Son gave him 5.8 for artistic interpretation.

Didsbury Son has deigned to spend time with us occasionally when batteries have run out and the house looks like a Toys R Us frat party; business as usual and lovely to be back in the middle of it all.


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